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Claude Marsilia

   Claude Marsilia, cattle farmer and former managing engineer, has been writing his "Book Review" column for the Post-Gazette since 1987.
   About 14 years ago, Claude met Pamela Donnaruma who in turn introduced him to her dad, Caesar, and her special mother, Phyllis. Shortly thereafter, Phyllis asked him to be the Post-Gazette's book critic.
   Claude's mother was born in Rome, near the Spanish Steps. Her ancestry is deep in roman history. His father was born in Salerno. His ancestry, which is French, extends back 2600 years to the city of Marseile, France, whose original name was Massilia.
   Born in East Boston, Massachusetts, Claude graduated from East Boston High School. He attended Benjamin Franklin Institute, Lowell Institute (MIT evenings), and Lincoln Institute (Northeastern evenings). He was an engineer at General Electric, Raytheon and Sanders Associates. In 1970, he was one of the founders of Parlex Corp., located in Methuen, Massachusetts. His title was Vice President of Engineering and Chief Engineer.
   Since 1973, the Marsilia's have owned and lived on a beautiful ranch in the Piedmont region of Virginia. Claude's very bright son, John, manages the ranch. His wife of 38 years, Carol, was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts. His daughter Robin, a graduate engineer from the University of Virginia, is pursuing a teacher's degree. His daughter, Tina, an exercise physiologist, is a graduate of Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia. Claude has two sons from a previous marriage. Ronald, CEO of a finance company, and Robert, a construction engineer and architect. Both graduated from Suffolk Law in Boston. Claude has nine grandchildren.