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John Christoforo

John Christoforo has been writing for the Post-Gazette since 1991. His column, "Nanna and Babbononno," is the depiction of the trials and tribulations of the generations of his Italian family in America. The weekly stories depict events he has experienced or stories he has heard from family elders, and is a cross section of Italian American life as experienced by the millions of people whose past generations decided on the United States as a place to live.
   John has three grandparents from Italy and one of Hispanic origin. Both of his parents were born in Boston and came from the Italian neighborhoods of East Boston, Massachusetts.
   John was born in Winthrop, Massachusetts but lived his first twenty-two years in East Boston. When his family moved out to the suburbs, he had already graduated college and was teaching school during the day and playing music at night. Soon, he began working on a Master's degree and when that was completed, became more involved in show business, eventually becoming a bit part player and character actor for Paramount Studios in Hollywood.
   He returned to school for a second Master's degree, and when that was completed, his concentration returned to acting and music. But, this was short-lived as the music scene had changed to the extend that he didn't want to play what the younger people were listening and dancing to. As a result, he returned to school and earned a Doctorate degree, which allowed him to teach on a college and graduate level.
   At about the same point in time, he began writing for a couple of periodicals and as his reputation with a pen grew, became a feature writer and columnist with the Post-Gazette.