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Ben Doherty

   Ben Doherty has been writing his column, "Financial Speaking," for the Post-Gazette since April 2001.
   He is an Advisor for Doherty Financial Services located at 330 Congress Street and 63 Atlantic Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts.
   Ben has three degrees from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst: an Associates, Bachelors and Masters in Marketing and Economics. His list of accomplishments are many. He has been invited back to his high school as well as the University of Massachusetts as Commencement Speaker twice and has  received some of their highest distinguished awards and special citations.
  He was a Trustee of the University, Director of their Business School, and President of the UMass Building Association.
   An avid athlete, Ben excelled in several sports. He taught boxing to the Peace Corps, was an All-Army, Golden Gloves and Olympic Trials boxer. He was appointed Boxing Commissioner for four years by Governor Weld and also named Chairman of the Boxers' Fund Board by Governors King and Dukakis for two terms.
   Ben has been an author and editorial consultant as well as a contributor to the Banker and Tradesman for many years. He belongs to several cultural, civic and military organizations and is a director of several companies. Ben has been the top retail producer for five different brokerage firms for over thirty-four years. As Senior Vice President and a member of the "One Million Dollar Top Broker Awards Clubs," he has managed over $100 million of funds for over 100 high net worth clients and several savings banks in New England.
   Every year Ben personally raises monies for various charities and educational organizations by running boxing shows, golf events, and casino nights. He has three grown children and lives in Boston.