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Pam Donnaruma

   Pamela Donnaruma, publisher and editor of the Post-Gazette, was born to a tradition.
   James V. Donnaruma, who was born in San Valentino Torio, Salerno, her grandfather, founded the publication in 1896. He remained at the helm until his death in 1953 when the torch was picked up by Caesar L. Donnaruma who was publisher and editor of the Post-Gazette from 1953 to 1971, when he retired.
   In 1971, Phyllis Donnaruma, his wife, assumed control of the newspaper and carried on the tradition until her death in October, 1990.
   During the years that her father and mother built the reputation and prestige of this nationally recognized, weekly publication, Pamela Donnaruma was at their side, learning the business, "from the bottom up."
   Imbued with the spirit of her grandfather and her parents, Ms. Donnaruma has continued to build the publication and has, at the same time, set new goals and aspirations for the newspaper.
   The Post-Gazette has always championed the underdog. In the words of H. L. Mencken, the Post-Gazette has "comforted the afflicted and afflicted the comfortable." From its earliest days, the Post-Gazette has been a voice for the Italian-American community throughout the state and in many instances, throughout the nation.
   It is a mission, Ms. Donnaruma said, that will continue. She has established a policy of fairness and full coverage on issues which affect the Post-Gazette readership, and has taken a position of leadership through the pages of her newspaper to champion causes which "define solutions rather than restate the problem."
   Ms. Donnaruma has a commitment to the broadest community, a commitment to making this world a better place in which to live by emphasizing a positive point of view in her publication. It is that optimism, reflected in the week-to-week reporting and commentary in the pages of the Post-Gazette, that make this publication truly unique, one that is open to both sides of a controversy, but that has a point of view.
   Educated at Somerville High School and Bunker Hill Community College, Ms. Donnaruma has continued to grow and learn in the publishing business.
   Although her accomplishments are considerable, she defers to her late parents and grandfather, in the mission of the newspaper and becomes reticent when conversation turns toward herself.
   Ms. Donnaruma is the Editor of the Massachusetts Sons of Italy newspaper, Second Vice President of the National Italian-American Sports Hall of Fame, a member of the STEP Board of Directors, and a member of the Executive Public Relations Board of The Shriners Burn Center.
   She has been active in many professional and social groups and has supported many political, social and environmental concerns both personally and through the pages of the Post-Gazette.